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We lost enough Committee Members that we are going to dual register our COR as a Committee Member. I can’t figure out a way to do so within the recharter system. Do we have to submit a new adult application, or am I missing an obvious button somewhere?

Check the box next to the COR’s name.
Click on “Manage Members”
Select “Mark As Multiple”

Then you should be able to select the position (Committee Member).

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Hello, first time rechartering and I am a bit confused on dual registration… I transferred in scouts and adults from other units, and when I did that they showed up as dual registered. I assume this is because they are still technically registered in their previous units. will this be a problem when I go to route my recharter paperwork through my district?

Is the intent for them to drop the others or maintain both? Having more than one referred to as “multiple”. One becomes your primary registration where you pay and the others are no cost. If they intend to transfer, then that is different.

Matt, thank you for responding, I think the intent is for them to transfer to our Troop. Is there a way to go in and remove a multiple? Or is that something I would do in Scoutbook, which would eventually replicate in Internet Advancement?

Jenifer, thank you for responding, I’m trying to figure out how to clear someone from dual registration. Do i have to delete them and then re-add them to the roster to do that?

I do not know how to remove it. It is very easy for a council registrar to “reset” your recharter to start over. You lose any of the settings you made, but it clears out any multiples, attachments, etc.

Outside of recharter, you would not really do this in Internet Advancement or Scoutbook. Those systems normally just “receive” the registration info.

There are probably many ways of doing this, but A way (not necessarily the best) would be to have your registrar reset your recharter, have the parents and adults go into my.scouting and initiate a transfer into your unit. Once done, then do your recharter like normal. Again, there would be many other ways of getting this done.

Matt, thank you for the fast response, I appreciate it! I’ll reach out to my district registrar and see if it’s going to be an issue or not - I’m reluctant to remove too many people from the roster.

Next question - I added an adult who will be registering as an ASM in our Troop; he already had a BSA number, and when I added him to the recharter roster his address populated with an old address. How do I go in and edit his address?


He’ll need to login to my.scouting and change it (best way, then he will make sure that is all working). A key 3 from your unit (SM, CC, or COR) can also correct it. You can’t do it in the recharter software.

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Got it - thanks! Can I ask one more dual registration recharter question? :slight_smile:

Yes. We are all here to learn. If I don’t know (or if I answer it wrong) plenty of others will chime in.

Matt, thanks! So we lost our Executive Officer from the chartered organization our troop is with, and district advised us to have the COR also register as the IH for rechartering purposes. The COR is already dual registered as the COR for both our pack and our troop; I have him listed a second time in recharter roster as the IH for both the pack and the troop. Is that acceptable, or will that potentially cause problems when we go to recharter?


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@ChristopherGabriel it is fine for CR to be IH

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Thank you, Donovan! I appreciate the fast response!

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