Duplicate Scouts

I have two Scouts that are showing up twice in my roster for internet recharter.
Scout one is BSA ID 13367922
Scout two is BSA ID 3741387

For each Scout, the entries look the same to me (same name, BSA ID, etc.). Both are military and have been in BSA a couple of years, and I know the top one had a multiple account issue that we have fixed in Scoutbook at least.

Do I just remove one? They are both showing as money owed, so I don’t want to leave them in there twice.

@Yddeyma have you tried deleting one of the instances? You could even delete > then add back

I have the power to, lol! I just wasn’t sure if I should or what the ramifications would be?

@Yddeyma worst case council can reset recharter to beginning status - but I think I would first try deleting one > if they both disappear then add one back as an existing member

I have one Cub Scout that is listed twice in the recharter roster (but not in the my.scouting roster). I deleted one of duplicates and the stayed in the roster.

I have not completed/submitted my recharter yet so I don’t know the long term ramification of this action.

@DonovanMcNeil Our Registrar at our council is not aware of this option. Can you provide any steps or instructions on how the “council can reset recharter to beginning status”? I’m at a point where I’d like her to do this, but she claims she doesn’t know how.

Regards, Scott

@ScottSaunders all we know is they can and it was in their training - she can send in a help request to national

We had a life scout transfer in to our troop from another council and he is now showing up in our SB roster twice, with same ID number 14088404. His profile in both instances still show the previous Council and District. What will be the best way to resolve this duplicate entry?

@VictoriaMorgan this scout is only showing twice cause they have a troop membership and a No Name patrol membership - they just need one or the other

Council and district change under Edit Profile - but really have little meaning to SB

so if I assign the “unassigned” membership to his patrol will they merge (or will he be in the patrol twice)?
or should I put an end date on the membership we don’t need and that makes the duplicate go away…

@VictoriaMorgan Go to the Scout’s Membership page and add a date ended to the membership that you don’t need.

setting the end date fixed the duplicated membership. Thanks so much!!

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