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Duplicate Activities in Internet Advancement giving extra camping nights

I have an activity from February that is a duplicate and has given my Scouts 4 nights instead of two which is making their nights camped incorrect. There is NO WAY to remove the duplicate and it will affect the Scouts camping nights for both OA elections and Camping MB. This is URGENT and needs to be fixed ASAP. Who can I call to get them removed?

I don’t feel it’s acceptable for Internet Advancement to be without a customer service option for help for troop administrators.

This is also happening in Service Hours and Hiking.

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@StephanieDelano & @BeckyAudette - where are you seeing the duplicate ? in a report or in the activities in scoutbook.scoutimg.org ?

It is in the individual report from IA 2.0 it includes the ones uploaded from legacy that cannot be edited.