How to delete duplicate entries-Internet Advancement Camping Nights

I have several duplicate/incorrect entries for nights of camping in Internet Advancement that I need to delete. They were approved years ago but weren’t entered correctly and now there are duplicates. The total # of nights/camping are way off now until I can delete these duplicates. Because they’ve been “approved”, I can’t delete. Local council suggested I try to zero out the # of nights to 0 to see if that would remove them from the total - but it didn’t. How can I delete past/old/wrong entries in Internet Advancement?

Have you tried to remove all people from the duplicate entries? In the past, that was key to deletion.

Yes - have tried that and it won’t let me. I tried to paste a screenshot - not sure if it will go through.

So as you can see, there is no option to remove the scout.

I know that activity log entries created prior to the relocation of the logs from Scoutbook to IA2 were not editable for a long time. I know that making them editable was on the “to do” list, but I can’t recall if it was actually implemented yet or not.

Do you have any idea who I can call to find out? I’ve already gone to the Scoutbook guru for our local Council and his suggestions didn’t work.

Maybe someone from the SUAC (Scoutbook User Advisory Council) is around and can comment. I didn’t immediately find a Change Log entry that said that the deletion had been implemented, although it looks like I can edit some of my son’s individual activities that I think were from before the changeover.

@DonovanMcNeil, I saw you were on. Do you have a sec to take a look at this question?

I don’t believe they were ever made editable. I’m not exactly sure why, but it wasn’t as easy as just making them editable. I think there might have been some missing info or something that’d cause issues.


Well that’s irritating! Thanks for the response. I spent a lot of time manually entering data from the past 12 years of camping - from an Excel spreadsheet into Internet Advancement. But now I can’t run accurate reports because there are duplicates that are still counting - that I can’t delete.

@ShannonMayfield-Port - are you stating that the items you entered are dupes of the existing entries ? I would think 12 years was a bit much… and especially if those scouts are not longer around.

The older entries are supposed to be editable now. However, because you are currently registered as a Committee Member, you might not have the permissions that you need in order to delete them.


It looks like there might be an “age limit” on which ones are editable. Activities from before 2017 aren’t editable for me (even as a K3D and parent of the scout in question), but those with a start date in 2017 are.

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I obviously only transferred data for existing/current Scouts + parents.

I am a Committee Chair effective 1/1/2022 - but our council hasn’t updated it in the system yet. Once it’s updated, will I have the ability to edit older entries? Someone else in our troop entered a bunch of activities between 2018-2020 but entered them incorrectly (i.e. only entered 1 night of camping for a 6 night summer camp). So now I just need to delete those old/incorrect/duplicate entries to clean it up.

That’s good to know. Most of what I need to delete is 2018-2020. Hopefully I’ll have the access/ability to delete them as soon as they update my title in the system?? Or I wonder if there’s anyway I can do that myself?

In theory, you should be able to edit them once your troop’s recharter has been processed and your position has been updated.

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Thank you so much. Hopefully that’s true!

Hi Jennifer - so I am now officially listed as Committee Chair and I am still unable to delete the entries. This is what I see. There is no option to delete the registered youth or delete the event. Any ideas or can you point me in the direction of who can help? I have a ton of these old entries that need to be deleted the all indicate they’re from the Legacy service logs.

Despite repeated requests to BSA IT to enable editing of legacy logs, they have not enabled that ability.

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