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Editing/Troubleshooting Legacy Activity Logs

Not sure if this has already been covered or resolved in past forums. I’ve been updating camping nights in the Activity Log in Internet Advancement After making final updates, I ran the activity log report and quickly discovered that many camping trips are now duplicated or at least data entered twice. The biggest gap is with our 2018 trip to Many Point Scout Camp…learned that all scouts who went to that summer camp in 2018 received credit for 758 nights!! Bonus???

I’ve exhausted my efforts in trying to go in to edit or delete duplicated events. I’ve tried editting at the troop level and at the individual level without success.

How do I resolve this?

Mark Schroer
Troop 9733

This is a known issue and the developers are working on it. Keep an eye on the Change logs here in the forums. I would hold off editing anything until the fix is announced.

Right now there are logs that are not being displayed but are in the report, so you will have an issue trying to edit them.


The other user issue I’m having is that this method of activity reporting would be more productive if there was a way to note “tent” nights vs. indoor nights. I would also like to see some means of documenting other scouting activities (patrol, troop, etc) that aren’t necessarily hikes, camping or service. Is there anything like these two items in the works?

Thanks again -

For issue one, you can use the activity notes or add INDOOR or TENT to the activity description.

For issue two, that was one of the main drivers in updating the activity logs and moving them out of Scoutbook. I expect that once the other issues with them are ironed out, the devs will start adding more activity types.

I passed your suggestions to development for consideration.


What I have done while waiting for the developers to implement an indication of the type of camping, it is an old request, is to prefix the event name with TENT: This way I can easily count nights that qualify for the Camping MB.

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Thanks Ed - I’ve started using a similar work around for the nights issue.


Adding on to what Ed said: You can add something to the Campout name:

  • October Campout [Tents]
  • Camp ABC Summer Camp [Cabins]
  • November Campout [Virtual]

You can also add details in the Campout Details / Campout Description area. This might be the best answer, because there are different camping requirements for different things (Second Class / First Class requirement 1, Camping merit badge, NOA badge for Camping, Order of the Arrow eligibility, etc.).

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