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Duplicate Camping Logs from Summer 2020

For some reason I have a Scout whose 2020 summer camp is entered twice and what appears to be a duplicate. I do not see how to delete one of these.

Please advise,
Robert Goodick

As a Troop Admin, you should be able to edit activities if you access Internet Advancement 2.0 via Scoutbook.

Click on the campout, click on the 3 dots (for more options), and then you should see an option to edit.

Thank you. Gif done reading there is a duplicate entry. How do you delete those?

Robert Goodick

On the main page in Internet Advancement, click on “Activities”, click on the edit icon (looks like a pencil), then remove all of the people associated with the event. After all people have been removed, then you can delete the event.

Please note that you cannot currently delete events from Scoutbook’s old legacy logs.

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