Duplicate Adult-Accounts in Scoutbook

I have a Den leader who had two accounts: one from when he was a scout in the same council, and one when he joined as an adult. An account merge was requested. His account profile in scoutbook that is assigned to den leader (User ID 3963824) no longer shows a BSA member number. His BSA member number associated with the my.scouting unit manager and recharter is 110294675. Can his scoutbook account be merged into the correct BSA number?

What happened here is the individual created a my.scouting.org ID using his middle name instead of his legal first name. When the Council merged the BSA Member IDs, they did not merge the Scoutbook accounts at the same time.

I have updated his my.scouting.org ID with the correct BSA Member ID (MID), merged his Scoutbook accounts and set the surviving account to his MID.

He needs to log in with his my.scouting.org ID that is the last 6 characters of his middle name followed by the first 3 characters of his last name.


Thank you! I will pass the info along to the leader!

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