Duplicate leaders appearing

I have a leader who all of sudden is listed twice. Only difference is the BSA member number. I talked with my council only number they have is the same as one listed on charter, and BSA .org roster. They said any problems to call the nation help center. I called and was told the local council should call. The other leader with a duplicate, council figured out had to do with the fact that when daughter joined she was issued a tiger parent number so council has now merged there numbers. How to I fix it in scoutbook so she can access because she can’t at this time. How do I fix the other leader that don’t know where his number came from because he can’t fix it either. Help

list the BSA #s here and we can take a look - all we need are numbers

Users can. in principle, “associate” BSA IDs in my.scouting.org by logging in to their existing my.scouting.org account, adding the “second” BSA ID as a “secondary:” number, then saving, In theory, this should associate both accounts. It might take overnight for the association to “take”.

When the scout leader logs in to Scoutbook using the same credentials as at my.scouting, ideally, their “primary” account should show up. If not, they should be able to use the switch SSO tool under My Dashboard → Administration → My Account to switch the account to match the primary BSA ID. At least, that’s the process that worked for me when I had a duplicate BSA ID turn up from my time a scout, which is what sounds like is happening for at least one of your leaders.

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The number at the council and on charter is 135556578

the new number for the duplicate 12868339
Can you check to see how the other leader that was merged can put the two together on scoutbook so she is able to access that one is charter number 125794913 her tiger number is 135403742

The one leader has been a leader for years and been on scoutbook do not know why all of sudden have this. Hopefully the reply I sent to Donovan McNeil will help.

339 is from 2018 and has been deleted in AKELA - I will clean up Scoutbook

Yeah, I had been a leader for about 6 years when my “duplicate” appeared. It’s not all that uncommon, particularly if people have been leaders and/or scouts in different councils (or didn’t get tagged correctly as already having a BSA ID when they re-registered).

I am frustrated. This stuff tends to happen every recharter and by time it is fixed time for recharter. This is the quickest and easiest it has been.

second parent is fixed

I go through this every year. In most cases that is what is happening. Or if we have leaders listed for committee in both our Boys and Girls troop and pack. Also at recharter this seems to happen.

Thanks so much for your help. This is the best it has been and the least frustrating ever.

Thanks, does that mean her name will disappear then reappear in scoutbook after a certain amount of time in order for the changes to take place? She is not listed at all right this minute.

where are you not seeing her?

List in scout book roster. Her name is totally gone now. I figure because of change may take time to reappear as only one. If not, I don’t know what is going on.

no the merge ended her Den positions I have never seen that and am asking Developers - just add her back in

My best experience is searching by the email address that the leader uses for Scoutbook and my.scouting.org.

I was told not do that because can cause issues. But I will try. I have her BSA number and email. Hopefully can do search and that will take care of the problem.

I got her readded. She is pending so will see if she can sign in.
Thanks for all of your help.

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