Duplicate Parent/Den Leader Accounts

I have a parent who is also a Den Leader with 2 accounts in Scoutbook that I need to see about getting merged. Below are the BSA numbers:

13555982 (this is the active account)

Thank you!

This should be fixed.

The leader has Google sign in turned on, so he needs to log in with his Google name and Google password.

@JenniferOlinger thank you so much!

I also have a parent who seems to have duplicate accounts in Scoutbook.

BSA ID: 7287185 User ID: 12036305
BSA ID: 13973623 User ID: 12082659

Can these be merged?



The accounts are merged. I found 2 my.scouting.org IDs. One using his gmail address, the other using gmail login. I set them both to have MID 13973623 primary and MID 7287185 so he can use either one but should pick one and stick with it.

I have a parent who was unregistered and had a Profile with only a UserID - 464541. Now she has registered as a Leader in our new Girl Troop and has a second profile with BSAID - 130880450 and UserID 11358396. I can’t add her email to new Profile and send invite because Scoutbook says email address is used by the first profile.


This is fixed.

There are now duplicate leader positions. Can we remove the leader positions that I assigned end dates to?

Leader positions cannot be removed, all you can do is add an end date. You can set the end date to the start date so that the time in position shows 0.

Hello, I have a leader in our troop who has two accounts. He is also a Merit Badge Counselor and is trying to connect with a scout and cannot login.

The active one listed for his position is BSA ID: 135787829

The one that he has access to is BSA ID: 104554824

Can you please merge these accounts if possible.


@TheresaHetrick This leader has 2 BSA member numbers, but one of them has been deleted. Here is his correct BSA member number:

  • 135787829

He should log in at my.scouting and use Manage Member ID to add it and remove the other one.

After he does that, we can merge his Scoutbook accounts.

Thank you! I will have him do that and then get back to you.

I have 2 accounts that need to be merged if possible. The second account is from being a leader in different Council after a move.

The account numbers are listed below
136265063 – Keep
130419324 – to be merged into the first

Thank you for any help in advanced.

@FrankPatterson Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Please log in to Scoutbook with your my.scouting username and password – not your e-mail address.

@TheresaHetrick Your leader with BSA member number 135787829 should be fixed now. He might need to wait until tomorrow (after an overnight process runs) for everything to work correctly.

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