Scoutbook issues and my.Scouting issue for leader with two BSA numbers

Hi, I have an adult leader that somehow ended up with two BSA numbers. Generally when this happens with transfers we can just have them go to my.Scouting and add the second BSA number to their profile. However, this doesn’t seem to work for the leader (I’m guessing it won’t support two same council BSA numbers). But since his Scoutbook profile is linked to his original (non-leader) BSA number, it won’t show him as trained, and won’t allow us to grant leader access to new Scouts, even though he’s trained in my.Scouting. The two BSA numbers in question are 13390652 and 13390676. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

Your council should be able to merge the two BSA Member IDs since one was not registered and thus does not have a Criminal Background Check.

In the mean time, I’ll move his registered MID to his ID and Scoutbook accounts. I’ll update this post when this is done.

OK this is fixed - I setup a sync to get position in place this afternoon

Good morning - So we have this issue as well. We have a Den Leader that somehow got removed. Added back in. Now has two BSA numbers. Who would I contact at my council to merge? Once merged, would I have to go back in and add as a Den Leader again? She had one, I added her as a Den Leader, and thats w hen it added the 2nd so I dont want to mess it up again

Council can deal with BSA # themself - if you post BSA # we can look at Scoutbook issues

11835239 and 11951331

OK the SB side is all fixed @KatherineLear

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Hi Donovan, that looks to be fixed, but having a similar issue with a Cub Scout that transferred in from another district - he has a duplicate entry on the Scoutbook roster. BSA numbers are 136388916 and 13941812. Do I just end the membership in our pack of the previous profile and wait for the transfer to propogate or is there something else I should do (or have their parent do)? Let me know how best to straighten that one out… thanks again!

this is fixed @AndrewBurns

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