"Duplicate leadership positions are not allowed" - Youth

Hello! I’m trying to assist another unit with their information input and we’re running into a weird issue when entering youth leadership positions. We’re getting an error message: Position: Scout already has this leadership position. Duplicate leadership positions are not allowed. This is only coming up when we try to enter information for SPL & Outdoor Ethics Guide. The Scouts have each held the position within the unit at least twice over their years in the Troop. The dates of each held position don’t overlap and in both instances, there was another position held in between. (SPL for 6 months, different position held for the next 6 months, and then SPL again after that). We’ve entered ASPL multiple times with no issue.

Any ideas on why we can enter the SPL or OEG more than once? How do we fix that? They want to have an accurate record of all positions.


I suspect they need to temporarily put an end date on the current position before they can enter the past position.


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