Cannot add new leadership position

I went in to change my son’s leadership position and noticed there is no way of adding anything new to his account. I was able to put an end date to his previous position, but cannot add his new aspl position. It seems the lastest update took away the option.I do have full control over his account. Please advise.

Screen Shot 2021-05-28 at 8.16.07 AM

Do you not see the Red +Add button on the Leadership page?

Correct. There is no red button

@Jenn_Krauss - does it look the same on a desktop rather than mobile ?

OK we are investigating

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There is also no red add button on the desktop page too. Just checked

Is his membership approved in the unit (green shield on his Membership page)?

I have verified this and it is reported

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Yes he has the green shield with a white check mark inside

We are experiencing the same situation. Green shield but no red plus. Thanks for any help!

Unfortunately, my son is still waiting for his correct position to be posted to his account. It was reported last week. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!!

Any update?!?


This has been reported - we do not know when/if it will be fixed

Currently assigned leadership positions cannot be edited or ended for any scouts either.

I am not seeing any issue at a troop or pack level for adding a new leadership position to a youth or editing a position that is already existing.

I was able to end his current position, but I needed another leader to add his new aspl position

It looks like the issue has been fixed!

Yes, this was fixed Friday morning.

I still do not have the red add button :sweat:

There is another fix for parents not being able to add leadership positions for their Scouts currently in development.

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