Duplicate MID from doing YPT


I have an ASM who did his YPT under a different MID than he is registered under. Please managed his MIDs.

  1. MID 14294150, registered
  2. MID 13370067, has YPT modules and certificate.

Thank you.

@DougWright that is cleaned up - my take up to 24 hours for training to sync

Scouters should be able to manage our own MIDs at my.scouting.

We just need the council to which our “added” MID belongs, and it’s pretty scouter-resistant.

Did the ASM try this and get some sort of error (e.g. his PII does not match)?

IIRC, it takes about 24 hours for the training to “merge” after the secondary number is added at my.scouting. I think I toggled which one was primary, then toggled back to the “current” MID. One key is not to log onto (or maybe even be logged into?) Scoutbook et al when toggling to reduce chances of creating a new account there.

ETA: Looks like Donovan was already on top of this.

@CharleyHamilton would not have worked due to slight name difference

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I’m trying to fix the problems I find across the council, so most times an issue with a person’s account is for someone I’ll never meet face to face.

For folks in my unit, I walk them through the above process in person. For others, I sometimes do it over the phone. For many, I’m lazy. After getting their permission to proceed, I just contact SUAC to get it done.

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@DougWright council can do alot of this using VST

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Thank you @DonovanMcNeil.

I try to not ask the registrars to do things that I can accomplish some other way. They are too busy most of the time. I have a backlog with them for 9 items right now.

And #10 is verifying the family connections, as both parents are registered.

New problem -

Scouter did YPT in May under an MID different from their registration. She was not able to log into the registered account, so troop leadership told her to create a new account.

  1. MID 14247842, registered MC
  2. MID 14241201, YPT, uses nickname as first name

@DougWright This should be fixed. It might take up to 24 hours for her training to get copied onto the primary BSA member ID number.

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