Merge Accounts?

Not sure if this is a Scoutbook issue, but hoping you can fix. I contacted my council registrar a few weeks ago who has not resolved it.

A parent logged in and completed his YPT, then wanted to apply to be a registered leader. He had trouble logging in again so made a new account for the application, which isn’t tied to his YPT. YPT is under 14310018, and I think the application is under 14464142 based on the report but not 100%. Is this something the SB wizards can fix? If not is there someone else that can fix it aside from the registrar? His app is getting close to expiring since it’s still waiting on YPT.

Thank you!

In theory, I think the user can add the “original” BSA ID (with the training) as a secondary on their “current” my.scouting account. I believe that should “merge” the training into the “current” account.

It doesn’t help that he used his nickname on the first one and legal name on the second. I added the first MID to the second username and will request to retire the first. That’ll hopefully merge the training. If not, he may have to toggle between the two as primary in 24 hour increments.

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