Please merge two accounts

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Could you please help merge two accounts for a leader in our Pack?

The member ID associated with San Diego Imperial Council should be the permanent account, if possible.


MIDs cannot be merged - what they have done is the best solution - they just need to change the primary if 049 is the main account

I see. The leader is running into issues because his YPT is showing up as expired but he said he completed it recently. He thought maybe it was associated with one account vs the other which is holding up his adult application. Do you have any advice?

All training will merge to MID (BSA#) marked Primary

@AmandaSteiner You can use the chatbot (“Betty”) to check this user’s training history.

Check both BSA numbers and make sure that all 4 of the YPT modules were completed within 60 days (start / finish).


Thanks @JenniferOlinger! Is YPT not valid if completed greater than 60 days ago? Sorry for my ignorance—my role does not typically deal with adult leaders and their training.

The 60-day rule is related to how far apart the four modules of YPT can be taken, not how long after completion of all four that they expire.

All four modules @JenniferOlinger mentioned must be completed by a given leader within a < 60-day window to be counted as completing the series. Otherwise, any that exceed the 60-day age must be repeated.

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@AmandaSteiner It looks like he needs to retake the Sexual Abuse V2 module. It was taken more than 60 days before the other YPT modules:


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You are all amazing! Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate your willingness to share your expertise.

@AmandaSteiner We recommend that this user or your pack’s Key 3 contact your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up his child (or children). In the “Relationships” section / tab, he should be listed as parent only under his BSA member number 140379853, which belongs to San Diego Imperial Council. He should be removed if listed as parent under any other BSA member numbers. Otherwise, his BSA member numbers might get switched around at the next Recharter.

@AmandaSteiner It is important that he keep his BSA #140379853 set as primary at my.Scouting (Manage Member ID), because this is the number that belongs to your council. The other number should be kept as a secondary number.

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