Duplicate names in Roster & Recreated Scouts that were dropped

I have 7 scouts that are now duplicated in our main roster page for Scoutbook. Organization Id in Scoutbook is 35367. Can someone please remove the duplicates?

When I click on the individual scouts, the urls are identical to the original so it appears to only be happening in the pack roster page. All of these scouts also show up in their correct den and the duplicate is listed on the main roster page as not being in a Den.

Also - two scouts who left prior to recharter were recreated in Scoutbook. They are no longer in our roster for my.scouting and should be removed. Scout User Ids are 12245200 & 11363643. Can you please remove them as well.

Thanks in advance

For the “duplicates”, they most likely show two active memberships in the pack in Scoutbook. One of those memberships will show their den, and the other will only show the pack. If you go into the membership pages for each scout, out an end date on the one not assigned to the den. That should get rid of your duplicates.

For the scouts who have left the unit and are no longer on the official roster, you should similarly be able to put an end date on the membership in Scoutbook and that should clear them again.


Please check again this morning . We have reports similar issues were resolved overnight.

Thanks @edavignon and @CharleyHamilton for the quick response. Yes - it looks like the overnight sync resolved it. Much appreciated!

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