Duplicate scout on scoutbook Roster

I am hoping someone can assist with this scout book issue I have.
I have a scout with 2 listings in Scout Book, his name appears twice on our Roster, and I can’t figure out to fix it. It appears someone created a new SB account for a Scout before he was completely transferred to our roster, so now there are two identical records with the same scout book # and BSA ID #.
The SB user number for the Scout is: 2044583. If anyone has any ideas how to fix this please let me know, council is unable to remove duplicate scouts on the roster, so I’m stumped.

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With the same BSA ID and the same SB User ID, I would lean towards two active “memberships” in Scoutbook. Check to see if the scout has two troop/pack memberships or a troop/pack and a patrol/den membership currently active in Scoutbook.

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I appreciate the suggestion, I went to his membership section in scout book and entered the end date as today and it ended one of his memberships in scout book and its fixed!

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yeah if BSA # and SB User ID match up it means Dupe SB memberships - Good call @CharleyHamilton

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