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Still have duplicate Scouts on my roster

I can’t reply to the previous topic I created about this as it’s been more than 7 days since the last reply.

I still have 2 Scouts on my roster that are duplicated and it’s causing confusion of course.

I emailed Scoutbook support a week ago and have heard nothing at all back. My ticket is SSD-82848.

Can anyone at all give me a hand cleaning this up?

Link to my original post: Help with merging Scouts


So you manually entered scouts - then duplicate scouts came in with Member Update? Can you just use the new Scouts?

I can add that I had manually entered new scouts, and once processed by council they had the appearance of being duplicates, but in fact it was a duplication in their membership. The sync brings them in with youth membership entry. I removed that leaving the real and active unit membership and all was good.

Every other Scout merged when the sync happened except for these two because the registrar didn’t put the hyphen in their last name. Advancement had been recorded for both Scouts already so I was hoping just to see it merge. I’ve given up on support so I’m manually updating both Scouts and connecting their parent so we can move on.

I went ahead and manually re-entered the advancements and removed the accounts I created for them. Thanks.

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