SB accounts merge request

Can I get the following scoutbook accounts merged for a parent that has taken on a leadership role?

New leader account (missing email in SB but in scouting roster)
BSA Member #:14055364

original parent account with email:
BSA Member #:13751754

Thank you.

Eric Meyer, Pack 9439 Chair

I’ll look into this.


This is fixed. The reason the parent ended up with 2 BSA Member IDs is because on the original parent account, the DOB entered was incorrect.

She needs to use the Google Login button to log in to Scoutbook.

Tried creating new thread - didn’t work, so I am asking here.

Original Parent Account

**BSA# 133400210
**USER ID. 556467

Leader Account

**BSA# 133825180
**USER ID 11332781

Thank you

Thomas Gallagher
Scoutmaster Troop 1199

@ThomasGallagher this is fixed

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Hi- I may have a similar issue of a parent with two accounts. One was earlier when he took YPT 12013796, then what seems to be a second one (not sure how it was generated) 125135794. Each has a different email associated.
Second one seems to create problems for sign-on to Scoutbook and access to his son’s records. Should these be merged?
and where do duplicate entries come from?



I have sent you a private message so we can discuss details of your issue. Click on the green circle with white J in the upper right of your forum window.

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