Duplicate SB accounts - how do I merge or eliminate duplicate?

Scout was previously in a pack

BSA number 134238864

Left old pack, rejoined a new pack later, provided number, yet somehow they still assigned him a new number and started him anew

BSA number 14924767

How can we merge or eliminate the duplicate? Thank you!

@AmySorenson BSA # can no longer be merged - we can deal with SB account issues - let me look at it

@AmySorenson Several issues - you had the mothers and Scouts MID listed. I found the Scouts other account in SB and merged them BUT… When registered one had middle name one did not, also there is a year difference in DOB so that needs to be checked (council can fix if needed).

Awesome, thank you! I see all his previous advancements now! The birthdate listed is incorrect, so we will have to talk to council. Thank you!

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