Duplicate SB accounts....how can they be merged?

We have run into the issue where we have two Scoutbook ID’s for most of our cubs…I can assume they were entered into SB by the Council, then the CM made another account when the registrations were processed (based on the SB numbers). I have taken on the project to try and clean up our records, and some parents are having access issues with Scoutbook on initial login right now. All our advancement is documented under what would now be considered the secondary (not synced with National) accounts. The local council wasn’t too helpful with trying to fix it from what I was told. Any help is appreciated!

Here are the ID’s:
BSA ID Primary (Synced) SB ID Secondary SB ID
14180172 12384033 12955419
14813453 12920972 12955421
14180166 12384028 12955422
14709559 12830394 12957381
14773331 12884538 12955428
14773296 12884519 12955430
14773354 12884545 12957372
14773362 12884550 12957971

@JamesDuffy I think you need to present this in a cleaner way

14180172 12384033 12955419 these are 3 different people

Maybe check my.scouting.org and get real BSA #s and then post Real ########### bad $$$$$$$$$$

OK, I got the first number (BSA ID) from the primary (linked to National) account in SB. The second number is the SB ID associated to that account. The last number is the unlinked SB ID for the same scout (Duplicate) that the advancement has been documented on. I did try and go tot he my.scouting.org to look up the numbers but the page does nothing…unresponsive once I hit the submit button. Are you saying that the BSA ID’s that are in SB don’t exist?

OK I understand how you wrote this now - gonna take time to clean this up - some of these scouts have like 7 users

@JamesDuffy these are fixed

Thank you. Should the duplicates vanish from SB? I see they are all linked - I have each scout in their respective den, but there is the original entry still listed as “scouts not in a den”. I assume once I get access into the my.scouting pack admin side it may be easier for me to clean up,

@JamesDuffy check their memberships in Scoutbook - one account might have 2 memberships - just close one

@JamesDuffy It looks like some of your Scouts have a den membership and a pack membership.

You will want to click on the pack membership (“Youth Member”) and add an end date. Keep the den memberships.

Thank you for your help…I appreciate it. I did just that and it fixed it. One last question - when the accounts were linked, a lot of the advancement records were lost (some since last year). I’m sure it was on the non linked of the two accounts. Is there a way to find it? I can manually re-enter, but I wanted to see if there was an easier way.

@JamesDuffy all finished things should have merged - unfinished items would be lost if not on primary account - they can be recovered probably if needed.

Thank you for the help…did just that and cleaned it up. I just took over trying to get our SB in order - I don’t want to inadvertently delete what shouldn’t be. I appreciate the patience!

I will check again, thanks!

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