Duplicate Scout in Scoutbook

I have a duplicate Scout in Scoutbook that needs to be deleted. Correct BSA ID is 134053792 with DOB 08/12/09 - the duplicate to delete is BSA ID #13777510 w/ 09/12/2009 DOB incorrect. Working with council to correct their end. Thank you in advance.

Well council has more to clean up - 133936690 is another BSA #

ok I merged the 2 SB accounts - BUT you need to go in and end the Troop membership - now he has a Troop AND Patrol membership - he just needs a patrol one

Just reached out to council to delete both 2nd and 3rd IDs and ended Troop membership, but kept Patrol membership. Thank you. Wow, these duplicate issues are mind boggling, but I realize we are cleaning up years and years of errors.

I have a similar situation. Scout [name removed] is rostered twice, the second time without a BSA ID number. This second one needs to be deleted and I need to be educated in how this happened and how to avoid it.

Most commonly, the duplicates happen when a scout or adult is added manually within scoutbook and then later an application is processed by the council but some info in the profile doesn’t match exactly, especially name, DOB, address, or council. It can also occur with inter-council transfer scouts for similar reasons or when the existing account is moved to the unit in Scoutbook after the application has already been processed by the council.

So I have a Parent that just wants access to Scoutbook to see her son’s information, but not be an adult leader or take YPT. She has never been entered into My.Scouting.org as a Parent or Leader from what I can tell and she is not aware of any past login. Should they still begin the process with My.Scouting.org using the Create Account link or can they just use the Sign Up link at Scoutbook.com after sending an invite email? If they go the My.Scouting.com path, then after that is complete and waiting overnight for it to sync data to SB, do the Add Connection process and use the search box to find her new My.Scouting.org record.

I’ve always just had the parents follow the instructions in the scoutbook invite email.

I have deleted the extra account. In this case, it looks like someone clicked the add scout button to create a new one yesterday instead of working with the existing account. I cannot tell who did it.

Thank you. Although several leaders have been in it, it was probably me. :frowning:

@Michael_DeMarcay If the parent was listed on the youth application, then the parent most likely got added to the BSA’s database by the council Registrar and has a BSA member number. This is why we encourage units to search by name and e-mail before creating a new adult account.

Hi there. We have about 5 leaders with the yellow exclamation next to their name. I sat down with one of them last night for an hour trying to resolve and it seems neither him or I have authority to edit, change, delete duplicate accounts so the issue remains unresolved. I’ve emailed council and called and no one responds. Who can help me?

I will say that I tried to used this “search” feature the other day before adding a parent and it was too vague to know for sure whether the name that came up was our parent vs another parent in the same council with same name, especially with common names. It doesn’t list which Troop they are registered for, just their name and council. I imagine this is how my wife ended up having another person with the same name linked to our children through her account b/c someone just searched for her name and said, yup, that’s her without knowing it was a different troop all together. Is it an option to add the Troop when searching to ensure that doesn’t happen. Until then, I’m leery of that function.

I’d suggest searching by email address.

I did. Nothing came up with email.

You can also search by bsa member number. If nothing comes up there either, that indicates a bug somewhere.

This is minor compared to the headache I’m having with editing accounts that are flagged in SB right now. Who can help me with that? It’s very frustrating because I can understand why parents give up on SB b/c you can spend a very long time trying to figure everything out on your own, while working full time jobs, and just get frustrated and give up.

Got it. I thought the two issues were related (and they may still be). I’ve sent you a private message to get some info.

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