Duplicated BSA IDs with different last names

We have a scout that was reactivated in Scoutbook under his old BSA ID which has synced with my.scouting. The same scout has a second BSA ID in Scoutbook with his mother’s name instead of his. Can we delete the second account that is incorrect or do we need the mother to correct the name and then merge?

Correct BSA ID 134971078
Duplicate BSA ID with incorrect name 13677061

@AmyCrone I suggest a Key 3 look at my.scouting.org > Roster - neither of these Numbers are registered so it is hard for us to figure it out

I am the Committee Chair and can see the first BSA ID 134971078 in my roster. I cannot see the second BSA ID though.

@AmyCrone are you looking at Scoutbook Roster or my.scouting.org Roster - they are different - the first number is not in my.scouting.org that I see

This is what I see in my roster.

ok I am looking into it

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