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E-Mail Reminders Sending the Incorrect Times

I am putting our meeting times into the calendar. When the automatic meeting reminders are sent, they tell parents 1 hr earlier than the actual meeting time.
When I go back in and check on Scoutbook (both the planning section-colored cartoon part) and the mobile area the times are correct.

This is creating a ton of confusion. How can I correct this?



What is your unit, council and time zone. We need to ask the developers to correct this.

Unit 3585, Crossroads of America Council, Eastern Tim Zone

@AmandaLeatherman_Gru Pack 3585 ?

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Hi, work was crazy and my topic closed however I need to make sure my scoutbook is not sending out the incorrect times for my meetings. Unit/Pack 3585, Crossroads of America Council, Eastern Tim Zone
-Amanda Leatherman Grubbs

Are you still getting incorrect times? This was reported to the developers 9 days ago, and they usually have them corrected within a day. Unfortunately, we don’t always hear back when they are corrected.

I have not had any e-mails go out, but hopefully it is fixed then. There was just an outstanding question I had not responded to that I thought might be holding up the process. Thanks.

You can try a test with yourself being the only invitee to check.

I just had trouble with this this evening, for a last minute meeting. Thankfully I put the right time into the body of the message.
Please help
Troop 41, Golden plains district, mountain Time zone.


A unit admin can go to My Dashboard -> Administration -> Unit -> Edit Unit and set the time zone for your unit. This will cause reminders to contain the correct time.

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