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Scoutbook e-mail Notification sending incorrect time

When I enter an event into the Scoutbook calendar (den meetings, Pinewood Derby, etc.), the correct start and end time show up on the calendar, but when it sends out the reminders that I’ve set, my parents have been getting reminders in different time zones, making the times incorrect. For at least one meeting three different times were sent out. I’ve checked our time zone settings for our pack in Scoutbook, I’ve checked my phone settings, and the settings on my desktop computer. All say Pacific time zone, which is correct. When the reminder for the event comes to my e-mail, it indicates Central Time zone.

I saw a similar issue on the forum from a pack in Boise from June 2021, but I don’t know the outcome of that discussion.

This problem has just been happening for the last couple of weeks. Is this a Scoutbook issue?

Sara W.
Richland, WA

@SaraWatson1- can you go to the unit page then edit unit and set the time zone

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Yes, I’ve already done that.

Was this an event that included other units?

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