Eagle Palms In ScoutBook (Different Versions)

I asked this once before but the topic has come up again with recent Eagle Palms. In ScoutBook, as a Scout earns enough MBs to potentially earn an Eagle Palm after Eagle Scout, the system will add an entry for Eagle Palm #1 (and so on) and it displays as “#1 (Bronze) (2017).” My Council Registrar stated that it should just say “#1 (Bronze)” with no date after it and that is the current version. However, all of my Scouts are automatically populated with the 2017 version. The requirements read the same, so is there any difference?

The Registrar has gone in and changed the Palms to reflect the new version where the (2017) drops off, but she has to do that manually. Is this an visual issue only or something else?

@JohnBenedict - the 2017 has more to do with when the requirements changed.

Thanks. Just wondering why the system is different between what is seen in ScoutBook versus what the Registrar sees - it should be the same, correct?

@JohnBenedict - is the registrar looking in IA advancements.scouting.org or scoutbook.scouting.org or something different. And in the end what does it really matter…

I only bring it up because the Registar asked why thenunto put the wrong Palms in the system. When I mentioned that we didn’t do that at all she showed me what she sees in the Internet Advancement system. We just want to make sure the unit isn’t doing anything wrong, especially with a lot of the Scouts earning their Eagle just before they turn 18.

@JohnBenedict - really why does it matter…and you could enter them in IA just to make her happy

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