Eagle Palms Earned with Eagle BOR problem

I have an issue awarding Palms in Scoutbook. It worked in September However, just had a recent Scout achieve Eagle on 11/22/20 and National confirmed is on December 17th but in Scoutbook it shows the date 11/23/20 not the 22nd and now when I try to confirm his Bronze and Gold Palms it says I says he has to have 3 months since last PALM. I think it is an indexing issue.

The dates on the left are auditing dates, not the award completion date. The date on the right (11/22/20) is the date Completed in Scoutbook. I’m not entirely clear on what you mean by “National confirmed is on December 17th”. Do you mean that the date completed should be 12/17/2020?

The red arrow in the picture (above) points to the Eagle Scout rank date of completion and effective date of rank 11/22/20.

As Charley said, the dates on the left are audit dates to tell when certain things happened. They are for your unit’s use.

For Eagle Palms that were earned on the same date as the Eagle Scout rank, you should use the same date as the Eagle Scout board of review. In this case, it looks like you should use 11/22/20.

There is a known bug with Eagle Palms. The bug has not been fixed yet.

Charlie, sorry in using scoutbook when a scout completes his Eagle Board of review we update the eagle board review date is the date it happened which in this case it was November 22. We can’t add any of the eagle palms that are awarded at time of Eagle Board of review for the subsequent five additional merit badges for each palmOnce national receives the paperwork it gets marked as confirmed by the BSA administrator it looks like that was done on December 17th. For this Scouts bronze and gold palms because he had 10+ additional merit badges I can’t just assign the date of November 22 the date of his Eagle Board of review. I get the error the scout has to wait three months in between his Eagle Bor and the palms being awarded. This is the first time I’ve seen The date actually showing as November 22 but it seems to show November 23 is the date I confirmed it even though it was November 22 as you see in the image, thanks

Jennifer thanks I didn’t see that before creating this string I did see another one where it was resolved within a couple of days and unable to communicate back in July dealing with an incorrect date. Just a little frustrating that I can’t complete the process for the scout who is actually 18 and not rechartering in 2021

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See if you can add it by going through Internet Advancement. If not, you might need to ask your council to add it for you.

That’s consistent with our practice as well.

Yeah, that’s a limitation in the system, unfortunately. However, they should be able to be approved if entered (after BSA Administrator has approved the rank) as completed with a Date Completed matching the Eagle BoR (in this case, 11/22/2020).

This must be a symptom of the bug @JenniferOlinger referenced, because I know I’ve done this with Eagles in our unit before who had 15-20 MBs in excess of those required for Eagle at the time of their EBoR.

The dates on the left indicate the dates when the information was entered (e.g. you entered the 11/22/2020 date of completion on 11/23/2020, at least by Scoutbook’s reckoning). The discrepancy might be related to differing time zones, as I’ve occasionally noted things that I logged late on one day as having been entered the following day. Units can use those dates to track who (and when) an entry was last modified. That’s particularly useful for tracking down sources of conflicting information (e.g. if the scout or parent had entered the Date Completed to 11/21/2020 for some reason, which could then cause conflicts down the road during the further approval process).

The limitation of not being able to add the concurrent eagle palms at the time that you are entering the Eagle board of review is a significant one.

Is there a way to be notified when the Eagle board of review becomes approved (and therefore the Scoutbook system will allow the eagle palms to be entered)? It seems very inefficient and error-prone to have to manually track that I (as an advancement chair) have to continually go check if the EBOR has been approved before I can enter the eagle palms (which were literally earned on the same date as the EBOR).

Jennifer, the other forum entry was marked closed/completed by EdD three days ago it seemed the person was trying to enter the palm not on the Eagle BOR date. This a problem for my scout.

The other forum thread was about the same issue. A user was trying to enter Eagle Palms that were earned as of the same date as the Eagle Scout rank board of review.

There is currently a bug, a fix is in development and testing. I do not know when the fix will be released. In the meantime, units can enter the Eagle Palms via Internet Advancement.

I am a Key Three Scoutmaster but don’t have the option to record Advancement on Internet Advancement probably as we are fully integrated with scoutbook in recording the advancement and making the issue a problem for us.

@JDeMeritt When you log in at my.scouting, do you have access to your troop’s information there (Member Manager, etc)? I think your Scoutbook account is using the wrong BSA member number.

I do have access I believe

It’s busted. They may fix it, maybe not. At this point, the scout has their Eagle. Just award the palms and move on I guess.

A fix for Eagle palms is in test. I expect it to be released in early January.

In the meantime, units can enter Eagle Palms using Internet Advancement as a workaround.

@JenniferOlinger, the problem is that even the key three can’t enter them in Internet Advancement … or at least the person above and myself (committee chair) don’t seem to have access to enter them.


Click the down arrow in the upper right of the IA window. Make sure it is set to the troop, not to parent.

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Thanks - After looking about a bit I was able to find the record button. Since I have been the one teaching the units to use Scoutbook, I have not had much interaction with Internet Advancement.

Agree, I am Scoutmaster can’t do it either. Unfortunately saying we can and actually able to are two different things.