Eagle Palms Not On Purchase Order

I’m Committee Chair for our Troop. My son recently earned his Eagle and a bronze and gold palm. Our advancement chair and I reviewed our current purchase order and the palms are not part of the PO.

His name is listed on the needs approval report for the 2 palms. If either of us attempt to approve, we are redirected back to our dashboard home page.

The palms also do not appear on the needs awarding report.

We have a troop master advancement report that does list the palms.

Just wondering if anyone else has experience this or something similar.

Frank Fossa

Has his Eagle been approved in Scoutbook, by council yet?

It’s been approved but not awarded.

@FrankFossa post BSA # and we can take a look

Your Scout had a hidden adult position that might have been messing things up - try approving again

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We saw he had a Den Admin position last night which he no longer has. When I click on him to approve the palms it still takes me back to the Troop dashboard. Maybe it takes some time for your change to propagate?

no he is over 18 so is an adult - council can enter the palms

@FrankFossa I changed back to youth - you can try again

We can now approve the palms. Thank you for your assistance.

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