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Eagle Scout Palms entry in scout book

I have a scout who became eagle 11/14/2020. He had 5 extra merit badges done before he became Eagle. Scout book will not allow me to record the bronze eagle palm EVEN THOUGH I put the same date 11/14/2020 for the palm. Please help.

Has the Eagle Scout rank been marked approved by BSA Administrator yet? I’ve had trouble entering palms as approved before the BSA Administrator approval hits. I don’t know if that’s expected behavior or not, but it’s performed that way for me.

You have to wait for the Eagle Scout rank to be approved by BSA National and entered by your local council. After that happens, the Eagle Scout rank will show up as approved by BSA Administrator (as @CharleyHamilton mentioned).

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I have 2 boys one became Eagle in June and I missed he was eligible for palms and another boy more recent that I did not put in scout book that he became Eagle, but someone at the council did. It also says Eagle approved. I can’t get either one to work. I can’t get the palms. It says must wait 3 months after Eagle.

Hrm. Are you matching the date of the Eagle CoH/Date Earned (which should be the same), or the date that it was marked Leader Approved by BSA Administrator? It should be the former, rather than the latter.

I am using the date earned. I also tried the date approved by BSA Admin. Both give me a dialog box to wait three months.

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@Marie-FranceMatusz I sent you a private message for more information.

I am having the same issue. Scout’s Eagle Board was 11/02/2020, National approved his Eagle rank on 11/18/2020. I tried both dates to no avail.

We were able to reproduce this new bug and have reported it to the developers.

Thank you for letting us know about it!

That is great. Meanwhile, I went through internet advancement and was able to get those 2 bronze pins.

I went through internet advancement and was able to get the palms recorded. Hope this helps.


I had the same issue, make sure to use the date that the Board of Review was held when entering for the Eagle Palms, hope that helps

Did that. Didn’t work.

sorry, I would reach out to your council, they should be able to push it through the system at their end. Good luck

There is a known bug with Eagle Palms. We have reported the bug to the developers, and they are working on fixing it. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon. In the meantime, units can use Internet Advancement as a workaround to enter the Eagle Palms.

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Don’t you have to be Eagle for a period of time afterwards to earn palms (3 Months)

There was a change several years ago that permitted scouts who have more than the minimum required to obtain Eagle, as of the day of the EBoR, to earn as many palms as those excess MBs would represent.

ETA: You are correct that a time period is still required between earning Eagle and earning a palm (or between palms) for palms not-completed as of the Eagle BoR.

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so if the scout has 10 extra at time of BOR he is allowed 2 palms?

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That’s correct. They would have the same earned date as the EBOR.

That is correct: one bronze and one gold. There’s a discussion of the rationale and some background at the Bryan on Scouting article I linked to (or maybe the previous article to which it refers).