Error while trying to complete a Palm

Howdy fellow Scouters.

When I try to click into a Scout’s #1 (Bronze) Eagle Palm, I get the " Whoops! We encountered an error trying to process your request. Our webmaster has been notified and will fix it ASAP!" error.

How do I proceed with completing this Scout’s advancement?

YIS, John

has eagle been approved by council? Is the Scout in the Unit in Scoutbook?

good question - I just checked:
Marked completed by councilperson on June 21st.
Leader approved by councilperson on June 21st.

It hasn’t yet been “awarded”.

What is bsa# of Scout?

is it ok for me to put that information on a public forum like this?

it is perfectly safe

his BSA ID is: 128676847

Look at Eagle page - is Req 3 #4 Citizenship in Society?

Also try using for the palm

he had his Eagle BoR on June 8th. Citizenship in Society shouldn’t be a requirement for him.

yeah but I think that version is locked in for the Scout and is messing up the system

no it is 2016 - hmmmm

thank you for your responsiveness on this - it is very much appreciated.

What Palm version is it? should say on Advancements page

Bizarre - System says Palm 1 is approved. By you I think.

There is some bug - we are trying to figure out what it is - right now I think it is clicking on the last Palm Earned gives you whoops or dashboard

Ok. Is there anything else I need to do to help with this effort?

I would like to be able to buy this award for him so we can give it to him at the next Court of Honor.

is it on the purchase order ? or an older purchase order that is closed

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