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Eagle Scout Rank Marked Earned

Some how, the Eagle Scout Rank got marked EARNED with a date but the Scout still has some Advancement work to do towards that Rank. I have tried to delete the date on the EARNED so it goes away, but it won’t let me uncheck the EARNED. Please advise. Thanks!


Are you using Scoutbook or Internet Advancement? If you are in Scoutbook is there a green, blue or yellow check box next to Eagle on the Scout’s Advancement Page? If it is green, you remove it simply by clicking on Eagle then clicking on the date and clearing it then clicking SAVE. If it is blue or yellow, you will need to contact your registrar to have the record corrected.

Note: contacting the registrar only applies to Eagle and SuperNova as those awards must be approved by the BSA and thus have special handling.

Thanks for your reply! We do use Scoutbook and I did what you said - go to Eagle, clear the date and save but it just stays. I have full control so the box is green. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

@CarenEdler I can setup a screenshare to take a look

Cool. Thank you very much.

@CarenEdler ok I will send you a direct message in a moment - watch the Circle C in the top right corner

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:bug: found - once a date is entered for Eagle it cannot be cleared except by Membercare. We have written a ticket to get that fixed.

NOTE: Personally I NEVER complete Eagles I leave the Scout as a Life so I can see when National/Council enters the Eagle in so I know it is done.

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ok thank you!! i agree we shoul not touch it but it was a mistake. thanks!!

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