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Error in Scoutbook Eagle Requirements

I have a boy in my troop that has not completed all the rank requirements for Star nor Eagle, but his Eagle Advancement page says at the top that he has completed all the requirements. How do I take this off? It is only giving me a choice to add a date. I don’t remember seeing an approval for this, but it obviously has been a mistake.

Hi, @JuliePillard,

I’m assuming for the instructions below that you have at least Edit Advancement permissions for the scout in question.

Is there a date in the “Date earned” box for the rank? If so, delete that date and save. Then check whether or not it’s still showing up as 100% complete.

If so, are all of the individual requirements for Eagle marked as complete further down the page? If not, this may be a bug. Please report it to and post the SSD number you receive here so SUAC can follow-up on it.

If all of the requirements are marked as complete, identify the requirements that have not yet been completed, determine who marked them completed, then remove the completion dates. This may require you to uncheck leader approved first, save, then go back and remove the completion dates. Make note of who is listed as having marked it as complete and who approved it, so you can reach out to them to make sure that this type of error is avoided in the future.

Thank You CharleyHamilton

It must be a bug. There is no date inputted there and there are many requirements incomplete. He hasn’t even completed Star Rank. I will contact support.

Very strange situation. I appreciate your response.

Thanks, @JuliePillard,

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing in case that helps diagnose the problem?

hmmmm @JuliePillard - maybe we can do a screenshare to figure it out - if you want I can send you a direct message with a link

Here are two snips of what I’m seeing. As you can see, there are many requirements missing, yet it says 100% complete at the top. I’m just not sure why its doing that. Usually a date is required to complete that part.

Julie - what is checked off in the prior rank versions ?

Only in the ones we’ve awarded him. He has not even earned Star Rank yet. They are doing maintenance this afternoon. Maybe that will fix it! :slight_smile:

is anything marked off in the previous Eagle Rank Versions

Hi, @JuliePillard,

So, you mentioned two different issues, if I understood correctly. One is the issue that the youth is showing completion of Eagle without all of the requirements complete. Is it possible, as @Stephen_Hornak suggested, that one of 2012/2013/2014 rank requirement sets is marked as complete for Eagle? This might have been a data entry error where the wrong BSA ID/scout was selected in IA to complete the rank.

The other was that the youth is showing completion of the Star rank, but it wasn’t actually complete. Do I understand that correctly? If so, it looks like you can see the names of the people who marked Star Complete, marked it Approved, and marked it Awarded. If those were in error, you should at least be able to start correcting those using the methods I described.

If you can do a screenshare with @DonovanMcNeil, he’s been really helpful in diagnosing problems I’ve had in the past.

Thanks Donovan… this what I meant and he did earn and was awarded Star in March… perhaps you meant Life.

I have checked all the versions of the requirements and they all show the same thing. Many requirements for Eagle are missing.

Yes, you are correct. I made a mistake. I said he has not completed Star but I meant Life.

Wow! You have all been so helpful! I truly appreciate your time and efforts.

Julie - lets try something… starting with the oldest version of Eagle, could you remove anything entered. Work your way to the current but leave those entries alone.

The only things entered on any year version are the merit badges. And, if I am correct, those are automatically set from the merit badge part of scoutbook.

There are no requirements checked off on any of them. I hope I am making sense.

I may have to sit down with his book tonight to double check everything. And possibly parents. This is drive me crazy. Just when I think I have scoutbook down pat…

OK… I will join with Donovan and offer a screen share to get another set of eyes on the issue. You can email if you wish.

@Stephen_Hornak @DonovanMcNeil
I have an appointment to be at in half an hour and still have to close up here. I will be in touch with one or both of you later this afternoon if that is ok. I’m new to this forum thing and still getting the hang of it. But I have never been helped this fast or effectively with issues. So thank you!!

@JuliePillard either Steven or I can probably get to the bottom of it pretty quick - contact us when it is good

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One thing you could try is to mark one Eagle requirement complete and see if the percentage changes. Then, remove that completion date.