Eagle Scout Rank not approved in Scoutbook

I have three scouts who earned their Eagle rank 2 months ago, they have their Eagle Certificates, but their rank is still not Leader Approved in Scoutbook. It is showing only as Completed. District told me they cannot help as this has to be approved by the National Service Center. Who can help me with this please?

Thank you.

Post BSA# - Councils are the ones to enter the Approval - not national

Hi Donovan, thank you for your quick reply. Council said they have done what they need to do, they are waiting for National now. I am stuck and don’t know what to do. My scouts have put in a lot of work to achieve their Eagle rank, I’d like to get them properly approved.

@KristinaJennings What are the Scouts’ BSA member numbers?

Hi Jennifer

Here they are:
[name removed by Moderator] - 133288165
[name removed by Moderator] - 131934878
[name removed by Moderator] - 134410785

Thanks so much.

Eagle System broke 1/8/22 - it was fixed today and Approved Eagles should be there now

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@DonovanMcNeil - for those of us in Eastern PA it is eggle

Hi Donovan, thank you for the information. Yes, the boys are approved now!!


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