Missing Eagle Approval in SB and IA2 but looks fine for council registrar

I have an Eagle Certificate in hand for a scout who earned Eagle on January 26th. Scout’s MID is 126740027. I have been told that their application was certified by National on 2/4/2022. However, the Eagle rank still shows “Pending” in both SB and IA2.

My council registrar can see the certification on 2/4 but the checkbox is still green from my view on the Unit side and it is on the Pending Approval tab in IA2. How do I get his SB and IA2 records to reflect the correct status?

Since it looks fine for my registrar, I’m not sure what to ask her to do from her side to fix it.


Eagle is not shown for this MID in Akela, the BSA person database. It must show in Akela to be pushed to Scoutbook. Your registrar will need to work with the BSA National office to get this resolved.

How I understand the process is this (just talked to registrar to confirm) - EBOR Happens - if approved the Council enters date into system - sends to national to Print the certificate - once the certificate comes the Council approves the Eagle

Thank you. My registrar said something about a change to how Eagle ranks are handled.

I don’t know the timing of these changes but I know that my registrar is overwhelmed already with the recharter process and the problems that she has encounterd.

It seems that adding Eagle process changes on top of all that has not made her job any easier.

I’ll reach out to her again in a few weeks when she is not so overwhelmed.

I don’t believe the responsibility changed, only the tools used to mark Eagle approved.

Do you have a screen shot you can share with me to share with her? She is very capable, just really in the weeds with rechartering. If I can send her a screen shot that makes it so she does not have to go hunt it down herself, maybe it can be of some help to her.

Unfortunately, none of us have access to the tools the registrars use. There is an internal workgroup (forums) that registrars can use to get help from one another.

The checkmark is now BLUE and I am able to see that on March 14th the Eagle rank was marked “Leader Approved by BSA Administrator”. That date happens to correspond with a release of updates to Internet Recharter 2.0. Coincidence? Who knows.

FWIW, I’m a better person for the patience I have had to learn and exercise being a volunteer in scouting… All things do seem to figure themselves out in the end with enough time.