Eagle Rank and Scoutbook

I just have a quick question: Will national autmoatically enter Eagle into scoutbook for me when they process the application because scoutbook will not let me mark it as leader approved for one of the scouts in my troop.

@scouter11 - yes it will be entered as BSA Admistrator


thank you for the quick reply!

Your local council will enter it after it has been approved by national.

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@scouter11 - local units can not enter it as it is a national approval only rank

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So when it is marked as leader approved by the council, the council will have recived the eagle medal from national and I can go pick it up, correct?

Not necessarily. I would recommend calling first.

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Thank you for your help!! I really appreciate it.

@scouter11 - most councils have the presentation kit which has the medal and pins. I think National provides the certificate.

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Yes I think this is right. From my understanding they send in the certificate and scout executive letter but councils have to wait for approval from national to give the scout the eagle award kit since it is a “restricted item.”

@scouter11 - here is the timeline that I have experienced

The eggle application is sent to council (we are in the eastern PA market and that is how it is pronounced)
The council signs off then sends to Nationsl

The scout gets an invite from NESA for membership and the scholarship info

The national team enters the rank and sends the letter and certificate to council.

The council registrar emails the advancement chair and committee chair that it is ready.

Our advancement chair picks up the certificate, the presentation kit and orders a congressional flag


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