Eagle Scouts becoming Adult Volunteers

We have two scouts who just earned Eagle and are now looking to register as adult volunteers with the Troop. Since they were previously scouts registered under their parents’ My.Scouting.org account, should they register a new My.Scouting.org account, or is there a way to transition them under the same BSA ID as their scout account?

@AdrianDLG - an adult application along with the criminal background check and YPT. With the application approval from the Charter Org. The important thing is to use their existing BSA ID on the adult application


And also make sure that nationals has updated their Eagle Scout rank to Leader Approved prior to transitioning the scouts to adults. I’m not sure it would cause an issue getting the rank information correct, but I suspect it would be a problem. Same thing for any Eagle Palms they might be due for having “extra” MBs as of the date of their Eagle BoR.


if they go to my.scouting.org - and create an account - it SHOULD find their existing BSA MID and attach it to them

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Great. Thank you for clarifying.


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