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I am a den leader, treasure for Pack 50 at Fort Rucker. After multiple attempts, it still does not show that i am a den leader or treasure. I also cannot update my scouts advancements or awards. Keep saying that my User ID can not be found.

@jasminewilliams - had you filled out an adult application?

@jasminewilliams I do not see an adult registration for you. You need to get that done first.


Yes I have. I filled one out when I became treasure.

@jasminewilliams - ok… what does my.scouting.org show as your registered positions

Ok. Thank you. I will get that done.

Show me as a lion den adult partner. Another person also responded saying that there is not an application on file.

@jasminewilliams - that is why i asked about the adult application

I will fill out another application and submit.

@jasminewilliams - perfect and that also includes the criminal background check form and YPT

@jasminewilliams - beyond that filling outthe adult section on a youth application does not count

If allowed in your council and state, an electronic application is more efficient and less likely to get lost or delayed.

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Where can I get the electronic application

If the unit uses it, it should be visible by going to their beascout pin (https://beascout.scouting.org). It will say “Online Registration available for this pack”, although that could only indicate that they permit online registration for scouts. It could be one, both or neither, depending on the unit/chartering org and local jurisdiction rules/laws.

Is Be A Scout online registration path where allowed, still creating a new BSA ID? That could be problematic.


I already have a member ID and just submitted my application

@jasminewilliams - I trust you used that BSA ID on your adult application. I really hope that cub scout leaders take note that just because someone is an adult partner it does not mean that they are a registered adult with the BSA.

It does not if registering in the same council since you have to log in with your my.scouting username.

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Can anyone tell me the status of my adult application? I have submitted 2 so far. One gave me a member number but it still not pulling up my leadership. Now my 2nd application is pending.

@jasminewilliams Did you apply online or by paper application? If you applied online, then the Chartered Org. Rep. (or COR Delegate) needs to approve online.

Have you asked one of your pack’s Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.) about the status?