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Eagle Verification Report - MB order listed incorrectly

Has anyone else experienced the Eagle Verification Application being different than what a scout has typed up for their Eagle Application? Scout typed MBs in the date order the MBs were earned, and the Council verification report is in ALPHA ORDER. Wondering if this only affects those who are not using SB (completed Eagle through Crew, and previous Troop deleted scout account so scout no longer can access records on SB). Scout has been asked to re-type Application so that the additional badges earned match the verification report.

If you have not experienced this issue, watch for it. It will impact scouts earning Eagle Palms if the badges being applied are not in the correct order.

@KristinCarretta - if they are not using scoutbook, then I am trying to understand how it is a scoutbook bug. Where was this Eagle Verification Application received from or generated by ?

Council office. All scout records were maintained in SB, synced through IA. I understand SB is really the one stop shop for the records at this time, or no? Leader can see records in SB, but scout no longer has access. I was Advancement Chair for 4 years and the integration of these two systems took place after my time. While there have been many changes made the last two years, I am just at a loss for how / why there is a disconnect between reporting for this. Regardless, if Council offices are going to Alpha order and SB uses Date order, the reports will not match when the Eagle scout submits paperwork.

Date order is the correct order to use in regards to palms. I assume this eagle Verification Report is just the so scout can see the dates. the PAS Record form which you would get from most registrars is Chrono. The only thing important is the dates.

I don’t understand the direction from council that the scout has to redo his application. I can look at the badges listed chronologically on an application, figure out the first letter of the badge, then look it up on the alphabetical list. If it matches, I put a check next to the badge on the application, and move to the next one. It’s hard not to draw the conclusion that council is being lazy here.

Honestly, if the list of badges matches (irrespective of the order), and the form doesn’t specify alphabetical order (which I don’t recall it specifying), what’s the hubbub about?

How does this impact Scouts earning Eagle Palms?

As a Council employee that checks Eagle Applications (not Registrar but back up), I don’t see how they should have ANY issues with whatever order the list of MB are in.
The Eagle application is checked electronically and if the advancement reports are submitted and in Scoutnet, order doesn’t matter on the Eagle application.
For the Palms, order dosen’t matter either, they should receive a Palm for every 5 over the 21 used on the Eagle application, reguardless of what date they earned them.
(They can earn Palms for all sets of 5 MB over the 21, completed at the time of Eagle BOR, there is a 3 month wait for any earned after the Eagle BOR)

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