ESRA report errors


I am my unit’s advancement chair and I ran an ESRA report for an aspiring eagle scout in scoutbook. Elective merit badges are being populated alphabetically as opposed to chronologically so for scouts who have more than the minimum 21 merit badges, the badges they used for advancement per their advancement report are not all showing in the application. Instead there are badges that they would potentially be using for palms because of the alphabetical pull. How can this be corrected?

Thank you!

@YvonneLeshin - could you post screenshots and for the love of scouting not phone photos… and the BSA ID of the scouts in question.

If I post screenshots then I am including personal scout information on this forum including names and addresses that populate on the ESRA so I apologize but I cannot do that. Furthermore, this is not a single scout issue as I trialed it on other scouts in our troop and they all ran badges 14-21 alphabetically instead of chronologically. I believe this is a scoutbook report program issue and not a scout specific issue.

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This is a bug. I looked at the newest EA I have on my computer which is Dec 23, 2021 and the elective MBs are in chronological order. I have reported this to the developers.

Agreed on it being a bug. I had run ones previously that were chronological but they are all running alphabetical now. I appreciate you reporting it and please do update when it is resolved. Thanks so much.

We will post in the change log when it is fixed.

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