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Eagle Palms earned concurrently with Eagle Rank

How does one enter Eagle Palms earned concurrently with the Eagle Rank? Scoutbook won’t permit me to enter palms without the 90-day time interval.

First, you enter the Eagle Scout rank using the date of the Eagle board of review. Then you can mark Eagle Palms earned at the same time by using the same date as the Eagle Scout rank.

For example: If the Eagle Scout board of review was on 4/1/2019, then you would:

  1. Mark the Eagle Scout rank date completed as: 4/1/2019 and
  2. Mark the first Eagle Palm date completed as: 4/1/2019
  3. Repeat the process as needed for other Eagle Palms earned at the same time as the EBOR.

It’s not that straight forward. If I simple go to the top line to approve the rank as completed I get a pop-up advising that the scout has to wait 90 days. If I go in and approve each requirement individually the approval goes through without pop-up denial.


Did you set the Eagle Board of Review (EBOR) date for the Scout in Scoutbook? Does the EBOR date match the Eagle completion date?

I have set many Eagle Palms completion dates to the EBOR date without setting the underlying requirements complete. I do believe there must be 5 MBs listed in the Pam requirements though.

I just tested it using the Percent Completed to mark Eagle Palms as completed using the same Date Earned as the Eagle Scout rank. I did not mark individual requirements as completed.

I understand. I did not set the BOR date as the completion came through from “BSA Administrator” which overrode the individual rank sign-offs. How can I enter that EBOR is approved before authorization comes through from BSA indicating such?

As I outlined, it didn’t work for me based on the BSA Administration approval on the top-line and EBOR date blank below. Will endeavor again with next Eagle. Thanks - Sean

The BSA does not approve the EBOR date. You can enter and approve the EBOR completion date immediately.

When I have an Eagle, I enter and approve the EBOR date then enter the EBOR date as the date of Eagle. Once it is entered into ScoutNET, the Eagle rank switches to Approved by BSA Administrator but no dates are changed.


Here is one where I did not enter the EBOR date but the date was entered by Council as 8/16/18 - but as you see under the Earned they entered it on 8/26/18 - but if I enter the 8/16/18 date for Palms it works fine

Using @DonovanMcNeil’s example, you would have to use the 8/16/2018 date for the Eagle Palms earned at the same time as the Eagle Scout rank.

The 8/28/2018 is when it came through via ScoutNET.

@SeanMaddock Sean, is the date that came in via “BSA Administrator” (ScoutNET) for the date completed different from the actual EBOR date?

Did you put in a date for Eagle Scout rank requirement #7?


If the date entered in the Eagle Completed field is different from the Scout’s Eagle Board of Review date, I suggest you contact your council’s Eagle processor as the date entered into ScoutNET is supposed to be the EBOR date.

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