Edit Adult Profiles Issues

There seem to be some issues with permissions to edit adult profiles, and this forum appears to have been quiet on this topic for some time.

We have multiple adults who have legacy adult profiles that were created at some earlier time. These adults have in their record old, out-of-date e-mail addresses and either have not connected to SB or have lost their credentials can cannot recover them because the old e-mail is not active. As such, the adult cannot even get into ScoutBook.

“Unit Admins” are supposed to be able to edit all adult profiles, per other ScoutBook documentation. I am listed as a Troop Admin. However, I cannot edit these profiles. We contacted the Council Office, and they cannot edit these adult profiles either and gave up. As such, these adults are stuck in limbo, with no ability to set up a new e-mail account or update any contact information, and they cannot receive the e-mails we use to manage our troop.

So, who exactly can edit adult profiles today? What permissions are required?
Is there some other trick to editing adult profiles?
Assuming no local positions (or Council office) can edit an adult profile, how do we get adults out of this purgatory?
If this was implemented as some misguided privacy fix, how do we go about getting some Troop Admin permissions restored that we can again manage our units?

@JonathanMoore Your local council can update e-mail addresses using their Registrar Tools or Volunteer Support Tools (VST).

The local council can also help reset passwords for my.scouting usernames. After the user logs in at my.scouting, they can update their e-mail address and it should sync over to Scoutbook and Internet Advancement (although it might take overnight).

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