Scoutbook is using the date I enter things not the actual date merit badges or ranks are earned

I am entering Merit badges and ranks and I am entering the dates that they were earned based on blue cards however Scoutbook is changing that date to the date I entered the items. Why is this happening?

Can you post a screenshot? It seems to be working fine on my end. There are two different sets of dates. One is the date completed. The other sets of dates are for auditing, and show when and who marked it Completed, Leader Approved, and Awarded.

I just checked a scout I enter a week or so ago with a date of 04/12/22 for his completion however it entered 04/17/22 which was the date I entered the merit badge. SO I tried to update the date to 04/12/22 again and then it changed it to todays date.

Here is another example. I just entered this badge to day with a completed date of 05/10/22 and it is loading it as 05/25/22.


Ah, that’s Internet Advancement, not Scoutbook. I was confused. I don’t use IA2 so I’m not sure what might be going on there.

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Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will look in the DB to see what is recorded as the completion date for Personal Fitness. There may be a display issue in IA.

Ok now I am confused. I am in Scoutbook and the snip I posted is from Scoutbook


The screen shot you posted is from Internet Advancement. Scoutbook has a tan background.

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The id number fir this particular one is 130895883.
I also noticed some things that I entered on 5/1, I entered the correct date for when they were earned but it is showing 5/11 as the date on Scoutbook.
I’m concerned because I have several scouts filling out Eagle applications right now and they are going by the dates on their blue cards and I want to make sure that Scoutbook matches so there won’t be any problems when they are turned in.

That interface is from IA2 ( The Scoutbook ( interface for merit badges looks like this:

Personal Fitness for the Scout you provided the BSA Member ID for has a completion date of 5/10/22.

Your Scouts should be generating their Eagle Apps from Scoutbook. The dates of all Merit badges will be filled in so they are guaranteed to match what is in Scoutbook.

Any idea why I am seeing a different date when I view it?

Thanks, I will try that link

I have reported the issue to the developers.

We have reported this before

And this is simply a display problem in IA. The MBs have the correct completion date in the database.

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Same thing is happening with me in Scoutbook. I’m marking rank requirements as completed for the date that was signed in the scouts physical book and it’s showing that it was marked completed and approved on today’s date instead of the date I selected.

@JessicaKirk The date is the Blue date - the dates in black is audit trail
Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 5.39.51 PM


Right I was talking about the individual requirements but I saw the completed date! I was expecting the “Marked Completed on…by…” to match the date I put as it being completed and it isn’t like that its above that one lol. Thanks so much!

The “Marked Completed on…” date is the audit data showing the date the action was taken. It has nothing to do with the Scout’s record.