Edit profile in organization manager - roster bringing up wrong profile

When attempting to modify a profile that is listed on any page other than #1, the wrong profile that is then shown comes from the same position but for what’s listed on page 1. I’m attempting to make a change as a Council Key3 and have heard others are experiencing this as well.

Key 3 are not able to bring up the correct profile if that profile is listed on any page other than page 1 in roster! No matter what page you on one, it will bring up only names from page 1.

I have selected my own name in the roster

When I attempt to “Edit Profile” the wrong profile is displayed.

The interesting observation the wrong profile being displayed will be from the same number from the top of page 1. In this example, I was number 8 from top and the profile shown is number 8 from page 1.

If you look at the number 1 profile on any page other than one, it will display the 1st profile from page 1. If you look at the number 3rd profile on any page other than page one, it will display the 3rd profile down from page 1.

I can confirm this also occurs at the unit (troop) level for a Key 3 delegate. It also occurs independently of the filter status. That is, if I filter to display only adults, select the second adult on page 3 and Edit Profile, I get the profile of one of our youth, who happens to be the second person on our overall roster.

@RonaldBlaisdell is this something you can report to the developers?

Thanks Charley. I plan to create a Jira ticket in the morning, but was hoping someone with access to developers could bring this issue to light now.

Thanks for the review.

I suspect you are. For others having access to JIRA, be sure to submit a technical report for technical items and not a general JIRA one.

I have reported this to BSA IT.

@JohnRoyar so I was testing this, and I do not see this issue. Now, here is what I am using:

  • MS Edge/Chromium Browser
  • InPrivate Mode
  • Cleared Cache and Cookies

So, could you please retest, using Chrome, Edge, etc. using a Private Browsing mode, after you have cleared cache, and let me know if the problem still exists?

@ZacharyMcCarty sorry I missed your notice, that was 1am my time.

Hi, @RonaldBlaisdell,

I tried under Firefox Private Window (with cache cleared and all extensions off), as well as in Chrome in an Incognito Window. In both cases, I saw the same behavior as I described in my earlier post. I am seeing the same behavior in both browsers. For what it’s worth, I am seeing the same behavior in Edge as well, although I have never previously used Edge, so I actually had to set it up just to test the behavior.

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BSA IT reports this has been fixed.

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Thanks to everyone who got this in front of development so quickly. I can confirm that it is now behaving as expected for me at the unit level, both in regular and private/incognito windows, Firefox, Chrome and Edge.


Thank you doing the testing.

Thanks @RonaldBlaisdell Just trying to get it in front of the eyes of someone who could test and send to developers. Always glad for the assist.

@Bill_W @RonaldBlaisdell @edavignon @ZacharyMcCarty @CharleyHamilton
Thank you team. Great work!

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@JohnRoyar - is there the phrase teamwork makes the dream work

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