How record campout nights so they can be tracked

I am trying to enter camping nights for our troop and be able to run a report tracking the nights. I tried using quick entry and a calendar event. When I ran an activity report the camping trip doesn’t show up.
also, is there a way to edit the nights per scout, for instance if a scout doesn’t stay the same nights as the others.

Hi Debra,

The Activity Report looks at the Logs, and the Attendance Report looks at the calendar.

If you use the Feature Assistant Extension, it has a “Quick Entry Log” feature, which can be used after taking event attendance. This feature will pre-fill the log entry for you. However, you will need to make adjustments on individual Scout Log pages.

If you use Quick Entry, all Scouts will have the same number of nights. You can then edit a Scout’s log entry to change the number or any other information.