Email all the attendees for an event

Perhaps I am just not seeing it, but how does one email all the attendees for an event in the new system?


Do you mean setup reminders? it is at bottom of the Edit page

No, I thought there was a way in the old system to send an email to JUST those individuals who had RSVPed yes to an event.

I think that is part of the feature extension - in IA there are Radio Buttons on sending RSVP reminders

I wanted to take this opportunity to “resurrect” (and expand on) a previous feature request that was already in the backlog some time last year per the responses to this request:

It seems like a radio button to only send reminders to “Maybe” respondents would be desirable as well. It looks like the “only Yes” and “Yes and Maybe” cases got handled in the roll-out.

In an “I’d like to have my cake and eat it, too” world, the ability to tag specific reminders with who to notify could be handy.

For example, consider this use case:

Event X requires sign-ups prior to a particular date. The first reminder message (which might be a first announcement) should go to everyone. That’s kinda captured in the current system by sending to “Yes” and “Maybe”, since the calendar now defaults to “Maybe” again.

The second reminder message (which is sent prior to the deadline) might only want to go to the “Maybe” respondents, because those who already said “Yes” don’t need to be reminded to sign-up. There is no way to do this with the current options.

The final reminder message (after the deadline) might only want to go to the “Yes” respondents, since those are the folks who are actually planning to attend (in theory). The existing system can kinda do this by setting the “only Yes” option.

So, two of the three potential use cases can be handled by manual intervention (i.e. going in after the first “all call” goes out and switching to “only Yes”. However, that middle reminder use case could potentially be an issue, since there’s no way to even work-around by fiddling with the reminder options (since there’s no “Maybe only” radio button).

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I have sent a suggestion to the developers that instead of check boxes that work like radio buttons to provide 3 check boxes that work like check boxes:
Yes, Maybe and No with the default being Yes and Maybe selected.

This allows users to select whatever combination they wish without having to program them all.

For example

  1. send meeting minutes to everyone invited, send to Yes, Maybe and No.
  2. Departure time change, send to Yes only
  3. Need more Scouts to sign up and more adults to drive, send to Yes and Maybe.
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Thanks, Ed.

I wasn’t clear if your request included the “…for each reminder” option (i.e. separate options for each of the reminders)?

I understand that’s (potentially) a lot more work than just converting to tickboxes instead of radio buttons for the event at large. So, I can see that becoming a “far future” enhancement once units can work around the use case in the near term. If it’s not that much more work to associate it with the each reminder, though… :pleading_face:

It is complex - yes, no, maybe - what if parent is no but scout is maybe? does parent still get future emails cause scout is maybe - according to scoutbook they would cause the scout is getting an email

Yeah, that sort of issue is part of why it’s messy. “You’re still getting emails on this because you’re the parent and your scout is going, even though you aren’t going” is reasonably easy to explain (to a person), but could be fairly complex to code (reliably).

It isn’t that complicated

Create the distribution list with the following steps in order.

  1. Scouts & scout parents
  2. Adults
  3. Remove duplicates.

There was and this is a HUGE miss. I can no longer set up an email “group” for an event. With a troop of 140 scouts and 100 adults - this is a HUGE mess!!!

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@ChristyBrown1 - I recall that being part of the feature assistant and not native to scoutbook itself.

It is a huge miss with this new format

Are you asking about send it from messaging or from the calendar event?

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