Event Reminder Incorrectly sent to All RSVP's, not just "Yes"

My event (Internet Advancement) incorrectly sent reminders to ALL invitees, instead of only the “Yes” invitees. I have RSVP’s turned on, and 33 “yes” responses. I set an event reminder to go out last night and toggled on the “Send only to RSVP “Yes”.” However, this morning I learned that the event reminder was sent to all invitees, or at least both the “yes” and the “maybe.” (I don’t know whether it sent to the “no” invitees.) This caused a huge headache this morning and took quite a bit of time to clarify with the invitees. Please troubleshoot and fix this bug or disable the feature. Thanks.

send a screenshot of the edit event screen (hiding PII data which there should be none) - and what is the event ID# in the URL

Sure thing – the link I put above is to the specific event (5332218). And here’s a screenshot of the lower portion of the event, or at least how it appeared last night when I saved it:

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