IA Calendar - Email all participants who are Maybe

Hi Awesome IA team, can we please add a way to email people who haven’t responded to an event to RSVP? I don’t want to spam people who have already said yes or no.

Save that, if I can get a dump of those emails I can email them. Thanks! Ed

There is an existing request to do this and is in the backlog.

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So it seems that shutting down the existing Scoutbook Calendar before the new tool has equivalent or better functionality would be challenging for the existing users.

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There is no intention to do that. The intentis to have the same or better funcionality

The functionality that you are asking about is part of the Feature Assistant extension (volunteer created), it is not native Scoutbook.

BSA IT is doing a pretty good job incorporating extension features into native IA. They understand that IA needs to support everything the old calendar did before the old one is turned off. This particular one is not feasible for the initial calendar release because it also requires that IA support the full messaging function now, and it isn’t there yet.

That is why this feature is in the backlog.


Thanks for explaining that. I am not pushing this it in this initial release. I am curious where is it in the backlog - roughly…and how often do you intend to release new features. Mainly so I can figure out a workaround in the interim to email folks who said “no” or “maybe”. I know software is tough, I coach teams all day on this stuff.

Unfortunately, many of us have been over this ground multiple times before. :^)

The BSA doesn’t provide (even rough) schedules for releases or any information about the backlog other than whether or not something is “on the list”. The SUAC folks might (or might not) know, but they’re not allowed to provide any info the BSA doesn’t approve for release.

Also, to be pedantic, none of the programmers, none of IT managers, none of the BSA employees participate in the forums. The forum participants are “only” volunteers like yourself. The SUAC members are a voice into that community, but are governed by seemingly robust communication guidelines.

I understand, it’s easy to overpromise and under deliver in software. SUAC folks?

You will see 4-5 people that are members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council. They are the voice of the people and have some limited superuser capabilities. Look at their pictures, you will see a special icon. Not me, that is a commissioner icon.

I generally only know what we are currently testing! We generally don’t get dates either unless it is imminent


OK thanks all. I’m curious who does the development is it a in-house group or do they subcontract?

I found this question when looking for an answer to a question I have on the IA Calendar. So maybe someone here knows.

When an IA calendar item is created are individuals notified via email automatically? I feel like I am missing something here to get an email to send out the date as when I sent up the calendar item no email was sent (as far as I can tell).


You have to create a Send Now reminder, the same as is/was the case for the Scoutbook calendar.

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Good to know. I haven’t used the Scoutbook calendar before, as we are just transitioning to using this calendar. I updated that and finally got the invite.

Too bad the invite is just text and doesn’t include the ability to add it to a calendar.

That is a good feature request. Many calendar systems do that now (doctor’s offices).

So you’re suggesting being able to add individual events to a calendar, or a link in each event email that permits subscribing to the calendar as a whole? I could see (potentially) adding one or both options as an approach to encourage wider adoption of the calendar by unit families.

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When I make a dr apt and get a reminder email it has a small attachment that when clicked, it adds the event to my Outlook calendar. Just that event.