Linking email to calendar

The Scoutbook Chrome extension had a great feature where you could send an email just to the people who RSVP’s “yes” to an event. Please consider adding this feature in the IA calendar. It’s a pain to have to generate an RSVP report and then go back and cross-reference each time.

@MattWeiss - that is already in the new calendar

I thought that was still in the extension too. You would need to find it under my dashboard now.

Is this what you’re referring to? I found a “work around.” To send an email only to people who RSVPd “yes,” I found I can do the following.

  1. Delete the existing event reminders.
  2. Check the box send to RSVP “yes” only.
  3. Type the message in the event description.
  4. Add a new reminder and select “ASAP.”

Is that what you mean? Or are you referring to something else?

A reminder is not the same thing as a message.

The reminder is an email.

OK, now I get it. In Scoutbook (not the IA Calendar) there is a new feature called “send event message.” This effectively replaces the feature in the old Scoutbook Chrome extension that allowed you to initiate an email from the calendar. It took me a while to find it. It’s in “My Dashboard.” I had been looking under the menu under our Troop number. Anyway, thank you for restoring this feature. It’s a big time saver.


That is still coming from the extension.

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