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Email feature on Scoutbook not working

I am setup as an leader on scoutbook and have been able to send reminders when creating events. I just realized that the feature is NOT working. Anybody has the same issue and know what to do to fix it?

When did it stop for you? Our reminders for Tuesday meetings went out successfully on this last Monday.

Just realized it today, I usually get the emails but this time I did not. Did a couple of SEND NOW reminders did not get them.

I would try sending to another leader who uses a different ISP/mail service to see if it’s your ISP or Scoutbook.

Last reminder I got for a different event was
11/4/2020 1:51 PM

Not sure if is ONLY that specific event, it did not give any error when re-saved and tried again.

Thanks Charley! I check with another leader and seems they did get it. Weird… will check with my ISP. Maybe it got blacklisted …

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