Scoutbook not sending event reminders or emails

As of this morning (2/21/22), Scoutbook is not sending emails or event reminders. I have tried different browsers, clearing caches, and even different networks, but nothing is sending.

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I’m having the same issue, it started a few days ago.

I am having the same problem, cannot send any emails. Who do we contact for important functionality like this?

I’m having the same problem with emails and event reminders not going through. I first noticed it this morning.

The other day it seemed isolated to servers - check what server you are on at the bottom of the page and post here

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 10.49.29 AM

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Donovan, which page do we check?


Cheers, Bill

Don’t know how to do that. I just want it fixed.

It is on every page at the bottom - in the tan text that I highlighted in image

I assume this is what you are looking for…


Still having the problem BTW.

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Yeah that is the same server giving issues the other day

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FWIW, Scoutbook says that the messages and reminders were sent. Nothing was received. Yes, we checked spam folders.


Having the same issue here. And my calendar events did not save, either.

2022-02-21 (3)

We are lso having the same issues with emails not being sent.

Developers are looking at it - but it is a BSA Holiday

Adding one more server to the list: AWSWEBSCTBK1C

I can confirm that I’m seeing the failure to send messages this morning. I received both an event reminder that was sent ~ 9pm yesterday and a non-event message sent earlier in the day yesterday. I’m not (yet) expecting any event reminder messages. Will update this post if those fail to come as well.

Same issue for Troop 29, Pacifica, California. No server name visible in my view because the text is the same color as the background! Anyway, here it is:

Can you post the server showing in your Scoutbook window @OliverBayley? Post by @DonovanMcNeil here shows where it appears.

This seems to be system wide - as stated it is being looked at with the very limited staff working presidents day

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It was hidden - text the same color as background! Clever! NOT

Mine quit sending emails at least by evening of Sunday 2/20; I’m on server AWSWEBSCTBK4A.